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jon: we'll see you again tomorrow. jenna: "america live" starts now. megyn: fox news alert on the anti-american protests erupting around the globe. welcome to "america live," everyone, i'm megyn kelly. the news is breaking across the globe this hour as you see president obama at a re-election event in golden, colorado, screen right. screen left, and during his campaign remarks, he is expected to talk about what we're seeing on screen right. live pictures of cairo where angry protesters are staged outside of the american embassy again. they have been throwing bottles, there have been clashes all day, and we will continue to monitor the events there along with the president's comments.
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we'll have a live report from our chief white house correspondent ed henry on what we can expect from the in just a few minutes. in the meantime, u.s. diplomatic posts are on alert this hour. we have witnessed protests in yemen, iraq, egypt, tunisia, bangladesh and, of course, the attack on a u.s. consulate in libya that left four americans, including the u.s. ambassador, dead on the 11-year anniversary of 9/11. that attack first presumed to be linked somehow to a controversial film made by a private citizen in america that depicts the prophet muhammad in a negative light, but now authorities are investigating, and there are reports that this was a preplanned terrorist attack that was intended all along to coincide with september 11th. and this is just some of the disturbing video that's come into the fox newsroom from teams around the globe. these scenes are from egypt
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earlier today. this is where the protest movement first began, again, query what the protest is about. we were told in egypt it did have to do with the film, but it clearly has gone way beyond that in many cities. angry mobs clashing with police for a third straight day, setting fires in the streets. in libya, an investigation underway on the deadly assault on a u.s. post in benghazi. this was the scene yesterday after what is now being called a coordinated attack that ended with four americans dead, including one of our most valued ambassadors, chris stevens. in yemen hundreds of protesters stormed the u.s. embassy grounds chanting "death to america," a phrase we have heard in so many places over the past 48 hours. while in iraq demonstrators trampling on the stars and stripes, setting our flag on fire and showting anti-american and anti-israeli chants. in just a few minutes we will speak with one of the foremost
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authorities on the middle east when dr. henry kissinger joins us life with his take on what -- live with his take on what we are seeing right now on this earth. but first we go to leland vittert who has just arrived in cairo. his photographer is not there yet, so he is coming with us via laptop, and the situation is precarious. leland? >> reporter: well, so long as the laptop the balcony, we're going to be okay, megyn. we're about 18 stories up, and you can hear from here the tear gas rounds going out from the police positions which are guarding the u.s. embassy about a block and a half from our position. go ahead and take a look at the live picture down on the ground. these protesters have been trading tear gas canisters, molotov cocktails and rocks with the police all day. we have heard at least a couple of hundred people injured here in cairo as this protest now enters its third day.
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9/11 on tuesday, yesterday was wednesday, today being thursday of the main protests here in cairo outside the u.s. embassy, and we are bracing for friday which is expected to be a major day of protest here inside cairo. still tonight 7 p.m. local time there are flames on the streets of cairo outside the u.s. embassy as now the egyptian police and military seem to have at least reinforced the compound from our position. you could count at least about a dozen armored vehicles that the police are using the try and respond to the protesters coming out of tahrir square which is the place that you remember the revolution started here in egypt. there were hundreds, if not thousands of protesters in the streets, and you can tell people here are viscerally angry, a very different feel than any of the protests we've covered here in egypt over the past year and a half. there's an anger here, on the streets and, obviously, megyn, there's a violence and anti-americanism that has now pressen in a significant --
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risen in a significant way. megyn: take a look also at what the cameras spotted outside our embassy in cairo. this is the sign above the entrance to the embassy there. that graffiti that you see sprawled all over reads in arabic, quote: there is no god but allah. and the name bin laden. and new word that the u.s. navy has now positioned two warships off the coast of libya, the uss laboon and the uss mcfall which had been stationed in the mediterranean. these destroyers have been deployed for what they are calling contingency purposes as intelligence analysts begin the hunt for those responsible for the murders of a u.s. ambassador and his team. both ships are equipped with satellite-guided cruise missiles that could be used if a strike was ordered, and programmed to hit specific targets. no word on what those targets may be. well, the film that has in part ignited some of these anti-american protests around
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the world and the deadly attack on our embassy in libya, at least according to some reports, yesterday it was all about the film, today we're being told, in fact, it was a planned terrorist attack in the libya. in any event, this film may not be a film at all. no one has been able to get a full-length copy of this movie, the only evidence of its existence is a 13-minute trailer that appears on youtube, and several hollywood and california film industry groups and permit agencies say they have no records of said project. well, as these tense situations continue unfolding in parts of the middle east, president obama is making a campaign stop in colorado. he did the same thing yesterday evening in vegas. he's expected to make at least some remarks on the ongoing chaos in places like libya and egypt. let's take a listen now. >> will go unpunished, it will not dim the light of the values that we proudly present to the rest of the world. no act of violence shakes the resolve of the united states of america. [cheers and applause]
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i directed my administration to do whatever is necessary to protect all americans who are serving abroad. it's one of my highest priorities as president. we're also if contact with other governments to underscore that they've got an obligation to cooperate with us to protect our citizens. that's part of their job. now, i know that it's difficult sometimes seeing these disturbing images on television because our world is filled with serious challenges. this is a tumultuous time that we're in. but we can and we will meet those challenges if we stay true to who we are. and if we remind ourselves that we're different from other nations. we are, we're different not only because of the incredible landscape that god's given us, we're different because we're a
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nation that's bound together by a creed. we're not made up of a single tribe or single religion or a single race. we're a collection of people from all around the world who came here because of a certain set of principles, the idea that all men and women are created equal. [cheers and applause] that we are all endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights -- [cheers and applause] that's what binds us together. that's what our flag means. but we also believe that these are not just american rights. we believe these are universal aspirations. [applause] and they're held by people who live in tiny villages in libya, prosperous cities in europe. that's our light to the world. and our task as the most powerful nation on earth is to defend and protect and advance our people, but also to defend and protect and advance those
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values at home and around the world. [cheers and applause] that's what our troops do, that's what our -- megyn: there you see the president back out on the campaign trail, touching on the events we've seen globally calling this a tumultuous time. we'll be streaming his remarks live on if you care to listen to them in full at what we are told is a campaign event, and we expect going to his stump speech. we'll monitor it, and you can do the same if you like on meantime, ed henry who is live in washington with more. ed? >> reporter: well, good to see you, megyn. yesterday the media coverage was largely dominated by questions about republican mitt romney and whether he was being tested on the politics of all of this. as you suggest now, maybe some of the attention shifting to the president being tested in terms of the policies in the mideast. egypt specifically, let's remember that's where the violence started, at the u.s. embassy in cairo even as we see these new pictures coming in of violence spreading across the
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mideast, countries like yemen. the bottom line is that egypt has been a stalwart ally for decades for the u.s., but after the mubarak government fell you see now president morsi in power. he's got ties to the muslim brotherhood, and he has been very slow to express any regrets for the violence that sort of started all this a couple of days ago. and fascinating in an interview with telemoney doe last night -- tell money doe last night, president obama suggested we are in for a dramatic shift in policy towards egypt. take a listen. >> i don't think we would consider them an ally, but we don't consider them an enemy. they are a new government that is trying to find its way. they were democratically elected. i think that we are going to have to see how they respond to this incident, how they respond to, for example, maintaining the peace treaty with israel. >> reporter: dramatic words from the president, would not consider them an ally. important that he said not an enemy, but not an ally. that will raise obvious
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questions on capitol hill about whether we'll continue to send a lot of money in u.s. aid to egypt, and also the president recently had been pushing the idea of a billion dollars in forgiveness of egyptian debt. that is going to raise some controversy on the hill no doubt in the days ahead. megyn: no doubt. ed henry, thank you. well, as tensions escalate overseas, a surprising amount of coverage here has focused not on the situation or on president obama and how we are handling, but on governor mitt romney. and his questioning the administration's handling of the crisis. we'll take a closer look at why the media is so very focused on that. and events overseas are triggering memories of the 1970s when the iranians took over the u.s. embassy. we have a live report on what is happening now with the oil markets. and former secretary of state and though bell peace prize winner -- nobel peace prize winner henry kissinger, he will speak to us live about the violence overseas, and we will ask him about the president's
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foreign policy in the middle east. >> the attacks of september 11th, 2001, and the continued efforts of these extremists to enp gauge in the violence against civilians has led some if my country to view islam as inevitably hostile not only to america and western countries, but also to human rights. all this has bred more fear and more mistrust.
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call... to switch, and you could save hundreds. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? megyn: fox news alert on the situation in cairo as you see some very dark pictures here, bear with us. we are watching protesters clashing with police outside of the embassy in cairo. there are growing questions today in the wake of what we are witnessing on the administration's mideast policy. recall back in 2009 president obama, shortly after he took office, delivered major foreign policy address in cairo. the same city where so-called
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protesters joyously tore down and burned the stars and stripes yesterday. but with the president now suggesting that egypt is no longer an ally, there's a bit of a stark contrast to look back to what he said in that country in 2009. >> i've come here to cairo to seek a new beginning between the united states and muslims around the world. one base on mutual interest -- based on mutual interest and mutual respect and one based upon the truth that america and islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition. instead, they overlap and share common principles, principles of justice and progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings. megyn: joining us now by phone, dr. henry kissinger, a former secretary of state and national security adviser. he has served presidents from
10:17 am
both sides of the aisle, and we should mention that in this election he has officially endorsed governor mitt romney for president. dr. kissinger, a pleasure to have you with us. thank you so very much. i want to ask you about the president's policy now contrasted to what he said in the cairo in 2009 speaking of a new beginning with the muslim world. your thoughts? >> well, in 2009 it was understandable that a new president would offer a new beginning to the muslim world. since then there has been the overthrow of the government with which we then cooperated with some american cooperation in that overthrow. and so the dominant element now
10:18 am
with egypt is the muslim brotherhood and, in turn, more radical elements. so the aspersions that were made about the conduct of islamic governments will have to be viewed through the perspective of the behavior of a group like the muslim brotherhood and the more radical groups that want to establish islamic law as the only, as the basic, the underlying basis of the government. and that is the challenge. what these demonstrators are trying to do is to impose on the united states a censorship of pronouncements that are made by any group because that video that is the subject of the
10:19 am
protests was made by a french group, rejected by most americans. and in any case, outside the control of the u.s. government. megyn: and in light of that, what was your thought when the u.s. embassy in an apparently up sanctioned -- unsanctioned tweet on twitter sent out a message both prior to them storming the embassy in the cairo and immediately during or after the storming of the embassy apologizing and speaking about how wrong it is to offend the religious feelings of muslims? that was something washington tried to distance itself from later, but it is something that mitt romney has been very critical of and now, in turn, now the president has been critical of mr. romney for firing back. >> it was, as i understand the administration, resulted in an unwise statement to make. because the mob was already
10:20 am
outside the embassy. they had not yet scaled the walls, and the appeal should have been to the government of egypt to supply security, not to indirectly deal with the demonstrators. so i understand the sentiment that governor romney expressed was appropriate. i don't want to the get into the timing, what the precise moment was that the statement should be made. but the fundamental thing is this is a method that has been used vis-a-vis european countries. there were some cartoons in danish newspapers. and i think it is important to make it clear that the united states does not tolerate attacks on its embassies, that it holds
10:21 am
the governments where these embassies are located responsible for the security and that if these principles are breached, there will be consequences. and it is not our job to reassure the government, it is the government's job to reassure us when american principles and property and diplomatic immunity have been violated. megyn: dr. kissinger, i only have a short time left, but how do you think america is perceived in the world right now? >> well, right now big upheavals going on all over the world, and so many of the established maxims are under attack, and the world is watching to see which direction many america is going to go. which direction america is going to go and what will happen
10:22 am
after the election. and whatever i do personally, i believe very strongly in a bipartisan -- [inaudible] megyn: yeah. and we will have to wait to see how things shake out. doctor, thank you so much for being here. we appreciate your time as always. we'll be right back. ♪ [ malennouncer ] the first only the beginning. ♪ ♪
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>> half of these students took the embassy -- megyn: haunting images from 1979 when iranian students stormed the u.s. embassy in tehran taking 52 americans hostage. it triggered soaring gas prices across the united states along with oil shortages and eventually a full-blown energy crisis. this week's unrest in the middle east comes as gas prices have already been spiking in the united states and heading higher
10:26 am
still. so one of the memories that quickly comes to mind for some are those long gas lines and the energy crisis of the carter era and concerns about where things are headed today. fox business network's elizabeth macdonald joins us now live. liz? >> reporter: good to see you, megyn. wall street is concerned. we're talking to sources at jpmorgan chase and goldman sachs, they're concerned about the quick rise in gas prices. now, gas prices are still relatively tame versus what we saw in 1979 when, basically, oil more than doubled in price and went from $15 a barrel to $35 a barrel by 1981 due to the iranian crisis. now we see gas prices moving about 25 cents higher versus a year ago, but the concern is that this will cast a cloud over consumer spending. we're right in the middle of the back-to-school spending season, the holiday shopping season is about a month and a half away. the last time we saw such a
10:27 am
quick rise in gas prices was in the first quarter of 2011, megyn, and at that time when gas prices did spike higher to more than $4 a gallon in many parts of the country, we saw, basically, an economic growth in the united states flatten out to zero. and it also stalled out the stock market rally that was being built on the fed printing money at that time. we have the federal reserve again announcing moves to do more of the same. will that hurt the stock market rally that we've been enjoying? we're going to wait to see on that, but there is definitely concern about slowing economic growth due to higher gas prices, megyn. back to you. megyn: liz macdonald, thank you. >> reporter: sure. megyn: there appears to be little headway on that massive chicago teacher strike as both sides dig in on teacher evaluations, among other issues. a new hollywood film that hits right at the heart of the debate on how to improve the ranks of teachers. and the white house is slamming a new column that accuses the president of skipping a majority of his daily
10:28 am
intel briefings including a suggestion that he has not had such a briefing even this week. measuring thiessen, the -- marc thiessen, the man behind that report, is here to defend and debate the issue of what the president knew ahead of the recent attacks. >> for the president of the united states to put a fundraiser in las vegas above getting to the bottom of this and depending upon a piece of paper and not bothering to meet with the intelligence leadership in person is really astonishing. try this... bayer? this isn't just a headache. trust me, this is new bayer migraine. [ male announcer ] it's the power of aspirin plus more in a triple action formula to relieve your tough migraines. new bayer migraine formula. with features like scanning a barcode to get detailed stock quotes to voice recognition. e-trade leads the way in wherever, whenever investing. download the ultimate in mobile investing apps, free, at e-trade.
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>> well, unlike your boss, president bush, president obama gets the written brief is enough for him, and can that's all he needed. well, you know, you and i both know you sit in a meeting, and you're able to ask questions and look people in the eye and have a dialogue, it's better than just reading a piece of paper, particularly when the questions at hand are the security of the united states embassy personnel around the world and what, how did this happen, who was behind it, what did we know and when did we know it? for the president of the united states to put a fund raiser in las vegas above getting to the bottom of this and depending upon a piece of paper and not bothering to meet with the intelligence leadership in person is really astonishing. megyn: new developments today with the crisis overseas. that was, of course, karl rove speaking last hour about the ongoing attacks on u.s. embassies and president obama's handling when it comes to this issue and receiving his daily intelligence briefings. reports say the last time he attended one was september 5th. the national security council
10:33 am
spokesperson, tommy vitter, is now pushing back against the critics saying, well, president obama reads the daily intel brief every day instead of having it read to him, contrasting with president bush. some arguing that is not sufficient, including marc thiessen, he's actually the one who broke this story about the number of times president obama sat for his daily intelligence briefing. he's a fellow at the american enterprise institute and a former speech writer for president bush. marc found himself at the center of the controversy when he first wrote this column doing the research and accusing the president of skipping more than 50% of his intel briefings, and then the white house shot back at him. julie roginsky is also a fox news contributor and former political adviser to senator frank lautenberg of new jersey. both of you, welcome so much. marc, you've caused a firestorm, but it's a serious matter. [laughter] you come out with this before we get attacked overseas, and you raised questions about why the president is skipping more than half of his daily intelligence
10:34 am
briefs. he gets the brief, but he doesn't sit down with the advisers and actually have a q&a and an exchange. then we have the situation unfold, and now they're shooting back at you saying unlike your boss, he doesn't need to sit with the group every day. he reads it himself every day. your thoughts. >> well, you know, exactly right. and let's just get the facts straight. as you pointed out, president obama since he took office has skipped half of his daily intelligence meetings, and i checked that number with the white house before running my column in "the washington post" on monday, and they didn't dispute the numbers. and so after the attacks happened on tuesday, i went back and looked at the president's official schedule, and it showed that the last time the president had his presidential daily brief, that daily intelligence meeting, was on september 5th, which was a week before the attack. so i went to the white house, and i asked them is this accurate, and are there some meetings that are not scheduled, and they refused to answer and didn't contest the numbers. but tommy did, i had about a dozen e-mails back and forth
10:35 am
with him yesterday, he took a shot at president bush. and he said unlike your old boss, president obama receives the briefing every morning in his residence and doesn't have it briefed to him. i found that incredibly revealing. this white house actually takes pride in the fact that president bush -- that president obama skips his daily intelligence briefing, that he reads it himself was they say he's this -- because they say he's the most sophisticated consumer of intelligence in the world and doesn't need to have it briefed to him. a truly sophisticated consumer of intelligence would not shy away from sitting down with experts and getting briefed. and, you know, it reminds me of that famous quote from president obama back in the 2008 campaign when he told, he told the new yorker, i'm a better speech writer than my speech writers, i know more about policy than all my policy directs. well, apparently, president obama thinks he's a better intelligence briefer than his intelligence briefers. megyn: julie, this has been a criticism of president obama from numerous people, that he
10:36 am
doesn't take incoming information to the extent those around him wish he would. folks in the military in particular have been complaining at times that he doesn't listen to them when they give their advice. this seems to feed that their ty -- narrative, but is that fair? >> well, to go -- it's not fair. but to go back to the previous point that was made, look, you know, let me quote bill clinton, it takes a lot of brass for somebody from the bush administration to come out and say this president does not care about intelligence during the same time there was an expose about the fact that the bush administration was notified of very specific intelligence information all the way back in april of 2001, sat on it, and i know the bush people love to believe that their administration began on september 12, 2001, but the bottom line is despite president bush's, you know, very glorified president's daily brief briefing, the bottom line is that they ended up overseeing a massive, massive catastrophe that happened to this country.
10:37 am
so, you know, it's not for them, i think, to come out and criticize this president who actually has kept us safe here in the homeland about being bad on intelligence with their record. i think it's just obscene to be able to do that. megyn: let me start with you on this, julie and, marc, i'll give you the chance to respond. we've had, you know, four american citizens died this week in the an attack on our consulate in libya, and also our embassies have been attacked in several other cities abroad now, and there's a question about whether -- why that's happened, why we had such an important board sitting in libya -- ambassador sitting in libya on the anniversary of 9/11, karl rove saying that made no sense, why would we have have left him in a consulate that wasn't protecting anywhere near like our embassies are. and so there is a question about whether we're doing enough to protect american suicides not only at home, before citizens not only at home, but abroad as well. >> you know, coi don't have the
10:38 am
answer to that. i don't know what the intelligence showed. obviously, none of us is privy to the intelligence the president saw before these attacks. unlike mitt romney, i don't want to make assumptions about something i really don't know anything about and neither is anybody else who talks about it, short of people who are briefing the president on this, and there are very few of those people any of us has access to. to answer your question, i don't know. it remains to be seen as to exactly what we knew, whether we should have known it, whether our intelligence provided us with that information, so it's premature to speculate about right now. megyn: go ahead, marc. >> a couple things. one, the only reason we didn't have enough 9/11 on president obama's watch is was the bomb malfunctioned. the terrorists got a bomb, penetrated our defenses, got a bomb onto our plane and only because the terrorist screwed it up did we not have hundreds, if not thousands of people dead. that was a failed terrorist attack, so, please, spare me about president obama keeping us safe.
10:39 am
as for the president's daily brief, julie's argument makes absolutely no sense. she said president bush didn't pay enough attention to the president's daily brief before 9/11, yet she's defending president obama for spending even less time on it. >> that's not what i'm doing. >> president bush had every day, six days a week, and yesterday president obama was supposed to have his presidential daily brief, but he canceled it and went to a political fundraiser in las vegas. so julie's attacking romney for a statement, but president obama goes to a political fundraiser, he has no time to meet with netanyahu, his intelligence briefers, but he has time for a political fundraiser in las vegas. i think that says -- >> i'm not whatsoever, with all due respect, i'm not saying the president does not read his daily intelligence brief if that's what you're accusing me of -- megyn: no, no, we know he does. >> yes, he megyn: the question is whether he sits down with his advisers, and he does that only 56% of the
10:40 am
time according to marc's research. look what's happening in cairo. four americans dead in libya, now we have protests in yemen, iraq, we're getting more and more unrest, and these people are chanting "death to america." egypt was recently an ally, the president says no longer. and there is a question about whether he made the right move in going to vegas yesterday to hold a fundraiser, you know, while american citizens were being attacked or had, you know, just recently died. >> will i agree with you. i cringed when i saw that he went to the campaign stop. i think he should have stayed in washington, and i'm not going to defend that decision. you're exactly right. the optics are horrible, and i think he should have stayed in washington as the president from the white house, yesterday was not a day to campaign, and you're right about that. megyn: what do you think of it, marc? >> i agree with julie, i'm glad she said that. but, look, the reality is
10:41 am
president obama to this day, it's now over a week since those attacks, he still hasn't had his presidential daily brief. he had not had a meeting with his intelligence advisers. so here we are, you know, a week before the attack, september 5th is the last time he had his daily intelligence meeting, and it reminds me of the time when john f. kennedy had at nobel laureates in and said this is the largest gathering of intelligence in the white house since thomas jefferson dined alone. the obama administration thinks it's when obama reads his brief by himself. megyn: one of the people jfk relied on in part was henry kissinger, amazing how many presidents he has served although he was secretary of state for republican presidents, he advised lbj, jfk and others. in any event, we had him on earlier. thank you both so much for being here. >> thanks so much, megyn. >> thank you. megyn: as we watch these live pictures, it looks like the crowd in cairo is growing, and
10:42 am
near the top of the hour we saw what looked like an american flag being thrown on a bonfire there. it's what we saw earlier this week as they were literally holding up pieces of our flag, holding the star, one of the stars in glory for having torn it apart and burned it. they're chanting "death to america" across the middle east. what do we do with that? just ahead, two men with decades of middle east experience, ralph peters and lieutenant colonel oliver north will tell us what they expect to happen here next. plus, nbc news has now apologized for the negative feedback some of its affiliates received after "the today show" skipped a 9/11 moment of silence in favor of an interview with kim kardashian's mother talking about her breast implants. that apology was not for the actual decision, however, and it not appeased many of the viewers. we'll get you that story in
10:43 am
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reverse mortgage. it will eliminate your monthly mortgage payments and give you tax-free cash from the equity in your home. and here's the best part -- you still own your home. take control of your retirement today. ♪ ♪ megyn: fox news alert on the scene in cairo. president obama said earlier this hour that he has ordered his administration to do whatever is necessary to protect americans abroad. the thousands of protesters you see in these pictures are gathered outside of the u.s. embassy in cairo. we will go live with a big new twes that we are learning about today in connection with the murder of four americans in libya at our consulate there. stay with us. want to bring you this other
10:47 am
news, though, today. the issue at the heart of the teachers' strike in chicago that has left almost 400,000 school children without any education this week is being taken up in a soon to be released movie called "won't back down." teachers say one of their biggest concerns in chicago is a new performance evaluation system. they don't like the way that they would be evaluated, and this new film takes on that very issue among other concerns with our children's education. >> we're late, we're late, go, go, go. >> i don't care. >> i care. [laughter] >> try it again. >> cody, you can do it. come on. >> i don't get it, mom. >> i can't wait. >> bob boden is education expert and director of the documentary called "the cartel," which is another look at america's education system which calls for massive reform. bob, they, they're very worried,
10:48 am
apparently, about this film, "won't back down," those in the teachers iew union, randi weingarten has really gone after this even though it was apparently produced with somebody on the left who's just had it with our public school system and how it leaves so many kids behind. your thoughts. >> the direct director of the film calls himself a lifelong liberal. there was a screening of the film at the democratic convention where a lot of democrats showed up and applauded the film. cory booker, mayor of newark, was there, so it really is seen by some democrats as a great thing. megyn: this union issue, especially when it comes to the schools and teachers, is starting to bleed across party lines. used to be a republican thing saying not the teachers, but the teachers' unions are doing more harm than good, keeps the bad teachers in, sort of a pass the trash system where a teacher who gets in trouble just gets moved on to another district as opposed to fire because it's virtually impossible to fire
10:49 am
teachers with tenure, and now you're seeing more and more democrats saying we've had it too. >> yeah, the fissure's starting to emerge on this. megyn: what do they talk about in the film? >> when over 50% of the parents in a failing school by certain metrics vote for a major overhaul that can vote to convert it to a charter school, one usually run by a group outside the traditional system, that can vote to shut down a school, 51% of the parents. they can vote to, basically, sack half the staff, fire half or all -- megyn: despite the fact that there's a union that controls the teachers of that school? >> that's right. there's only about seven states that have the parent trigger laws, but nevertheless, that's what the movie's about. california wuss the first state to pass -- was the first state to pass, signed by governor schwarzenegger. megyn: if you're a parent and you get 51% of the other parents to vote to shut down the school and start anew, how is that
10:50 am
done? what happens one you get the 51%? >> well, you're a perfect audience for the film, you'll get to see how it plays out. although even in california where this has actually happened and they had the majority of parents sign a petition, basically, it's still in court. basically, the unions struck back and said we're going to tie you up in court so these remedies won't get executed. megyn: apparently, it's viola davis as well as maggie gyllenhaal. >> that's right. and holly hunter who tries to buy off and bribe the mother who wallets a better life for her daughter and basically say, look, we'll give you this stuff if you shut up and go away. megyn: they say there's not a dry eye in the house at certain points, but randi weingarten, again, has said it reverts to falsehoods and anti-union stereotypes. will a film like yours make a difference? >> well, i think so. in 2010 waiting for superman and
10:51 am
my film, the cartel, came out. i should also point out today is school choice facts day. people all across america are tweeting hashtag school choice facts so people can learn more about the school choice movement. megyn: bob, thanks so much. we'll be right back. busy day, don't go away. whoa, look at all those toys. insuring that stuff must be a pain. nah. he's probably got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. they can bundle all your policies together. lot of paperwork. [ doug ] actually... [ voice of dennis ] an allstate agent can help do the switching and paperwork for you. well, it probably costs a lo [ voice of dennis ] allstate can save you up to 30% more when you bundle. well, his dog's stupid. [ voice of dennis ] poodles are one of the world's smartest breeds. ♪ bundle and save with an allstate agent. are you in good hands?
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megyn: it's 1:54 here in the east, a quick heads up that we are hearing some wire service reports right now that there could be some significant developments happening right now in the investigation into the deadly assault on the u.s. post in benghazi on 9/11. now, this was the scene yesterday after what is now being called a, quote, coordinated attack that ended with four americans dead including our ambassador, chris stevens. we're trying to confirm this breaking news with our producers in washington, we'll bring you
10:55 am
the details of what we're hearing on this investigation in just moments. well, there's new fallout today from nbc news' decision to skip the moment of silence during tuesday's 9/11 memorial service just before 9 a.m. eastern. instead, "the today show" chose to interview kris jenner who was on to talk about her breast implants. trace gallagher live in the west coast newsroom with the fallout. >> reporter: at first nbc defended it, but now they're apologizing although not to the viewers, mind you. at 8:46 a.m. on 9/11, everybody was recognizing the moment of silence. all of the networks covered it, nbc chose to keep up with the kardashians, right? look at the list, if you will, of networks that covered this thing; fox news, fox business, abc, cbs, cnn, msnbc, headline news, c-span, the local fox affiliate and wnbc which is the nbc affiliate in new york, but the rest of the country watching
10:56 am
nbc saw this, they saw kim kardashian's mom kris jenner talking about kim's relationship with kanye west -- they're happy, by the way -- and her new breast implants. public reaction was scathing, many calling for a boycott of "the today show" which just lost its number one shot, 17-year rub at number one. the editor for the hollywood reporter wrote, and i'm quoting here: >> reporter: the today show first came out and said, look, the today show dedicated a considerable amount of time to the sheriffth coverage, this morning -- september 11th coverage. now the president of nbc comes out with a comment saying while we dedicated a substantial amount of air time to anniversary events, we still touched a nerve with many of your viewers, and that we apologize for. he's talking to the affiliates, the stations, not the viewers. there was no apology to the
10:57 am
viewers at all, megyn. megyn: all right, trace, thank you. well, for the last 60 minutes we have seen the crowds growing larger and more restless in cairo. we will check back in with our reporter, plus ralph peters and colonel oliver north on what they think is about to happen next. at purina one,
10:58 am
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11:00 am
megyn: breaking developments in libya. in just the last hour or so a top libyan official calling the libyan attack as a carefully planned two-prongd attack timed to take place on september 11. libya's deputy interior minister said militants used militants protesting this anti-islam movie as cover for operations at our consulate in benghazi.
11:01 am
as the fbi refines its search there are new questions as to what egyptian security forces were doing while the attack on the egyptian embassy was in motion and what the libyans were doing wet attack there was taking place. libyan officials say u.s. ambassador christopher stevens and sean smith were killed in the first attack in benghazi. a navy seal was killed and 30 other people were wounded. >> reporter: within the last hour hour the state department confirming the investigation is being led with by libyan authorities. the state department remains cautious wit comes to assigning blame. >> as we said yesterday when we were on background, we are very cautious withdrawing any
11:02 am
conclusions with regard to who the perpetrators were, what their motivations were, whether it was premeditated. whether they had extern contacts, whether there was any link until we have a chance to investigate. report report attacks benghazi are described by the head of the house intelligence committee as a premeditated attack. ansar al-sharia wants to restrict adherence to sharia in that country. >> it fits the signature of the precision, the way that they carried out this particular attack certainly would make it likely that it is an al qaeda affiliated organization. >> reporter: this morning fox news is told a credible islamic
11:03 am
web site is reporting the relatives of the blind sheikh jailed in the u.s. were at the demonstration outside the u.s. embassy in cairo tuesday along with a brother of al qaeda leader al-zawahiri. the egyptian prime minister morsi has pushed the united states for the release of the blind sheikh in that u.s. jail. >> inspired by the first world trade center bombings, it's a group that has been around a long time. it has staying power, clearly, since the early 90s. it's a group we have looked at in the past and we'll continue the ask questions in regard to this particular event. >> reporter: a spokesman for the government of yemen says the situation at our embassy there is under control. i'm told the situation in sanaa is seen as very precarious.
11:04 am
megyn: how seriously do we take these reports of an al qaeda connection since they like to take credit for things they aren't necessarily behind. >> reporter: what we have here is how al qaeda has morphed it's a movement. this group in libya al-sharia. they do not work in concert it's an ideology that's driving them. they typically do thought take credit for events they are not responsible for nor do they issue statement unless it's on behalf of themselves. this is one area where there is honor among terrorists. megyn: events in the region remain fluid and we are keeping an eye on hotpots outside libya. protests at the embass write in cairo turned violent when
11:05 am
protesters started throwing stones at police. we have been watching the scene live since then. in the last hour we have seen the crowd get much larger. so we are not seeing much action from the security forces in the camera shots. it's very dark. but we are watching it. we go live to our reporter in cairo in just moments. in yemen, hundreds of demonstrators broke through the main gate of the embassy compound, burning the american flag and replacing it with the black banner of hard-line islamists. protesters hit the streets of baghdad. the leader of an iranian-backed militant group putting 15,000 americans serving at baghdad embassy in potential danger. we are watching all these places closely. we'll bring you news as it happens. as this anti-american sentiment spreads, there are concerns this is only the beginning of a much larger uprising. two top authorities in the
11:06 am
middle east, lieutenant colonel ralph petesers and lieutenant colonel oliver north. lieutenant colonel peters tells us this group seems to hate us no matter what we do or who we have in office. a group of republicans calling for a halt to foreign aid to egypt and libya. this is timely considering funding for these countries appears in a bill that's set for a vote today. just to give an idea how much they stand to lose. egypt has been getting $1.5 billion a year in u.s. kade while the u.s. has given libya $200 million in the last year alone. rands paul is one of the republicans calling for the aid to be contingent on help into investigation into these deadly riots. welcome back to the program. your thoughts on what we need to
11:07 am
do. >> i think these events bring to life that we need to have a debate about whether we should send u.s. taxpayer money to countries that cannot or will not protect our embassies. i personally think until we can be eye assured they can protect our embassies and will, we shouldn't send them another penny. until assassins are captured and brought to justice in libya they shouldn't get another dime. i'm also for holding up the money to pakistan as long as they hold the doctor who gave us the information that led to bin laden. we are borrow be the money from china to send to pakistan and egypt. megyn: pakistan we know is harboring bin laden. we know to some extent they have been working against us and helping some of the terrorists who hate us. but egypt up until recently was an ally.
11:08 am
the president says it's not any more. but it's not an enemy either. now they have a muslim brotherhood presidency. libya is in a trance situational state. >> my concern about egypt is the news reports are they called our embassy and said the mob is coming but they did nothing to protect our embassy. if you know a mob is coming and there have been mobs and riots in cairo, there should be thousands of soldier there to protect our embassy, there should be tanks to protect our embassy. none of that came. they said you are on your own. the mob is on its way over. that's inexcusable. we send egypt a couple billion dollars a year. it's inexcusable that they do not defend our embassy. megyn: the thought by some is if we withdraw that audit will only make the situation worse. we heard in the with respect to pakistan. even though it hurts to give that much money to a group of people many of whom hate the
11:09 am
united states and everything we stand for. the alternative is even worse. there will be more of a backlash if we take the aid away. >> you need to look at history and see where that foreign aid went. much of that went to mubarak and his pal las and his children and their palaces. much of the money we sent over there has been stolen by the leaders. it's counter productive and sometimes they buy weapons. all the weapons mubarak bought with u.s. money, they are now in the hands of the muslim brotherhood. i wouldn't give them any more money to buy any more weapons until we know there will be stability over there. they have to at least be able to defend our embassies. megyn: i want to ask you given your policies and those of your dad. congressman ron paul. it seems like some of these radical islamists hate america no matter what we do. it does matter whether you have
11:10 am
president bush, president clinton, president obama. they hate the united states of america and our ideals. is there any way through or around that? >> i think it's a complicated long-term strategy in figuring it out. we have to defend our country against people who hate us no matter what. we can also look at policy to try to bring peace to the region. i don't think paying for peace works. and i don't think you can buy your friends. most of the time the money is stolen and corrupted. so i'm not for giving any more taxpayer money. we are broke. we don't have it. we are borrowing $50,000 a second. we don't have the many to send to them. megyn: nor rand paul, thank you, sir. there are questions over the media coverage of these attacks on the americans in the middle east. a surprising amount of attention seems focused on governor mitt romney's reaction more than on the attacks themselves.
11:11 am
we'll have that debate at 2:30. kathleen sebelius found guilty of breaking federal law. but will they face any kind of penalty? that's in today's "kelly's court." as violence against americans unfold in the middle east, is this just the beginning? new concerns about a so-called arab winter. we'll speak with two men who have decades of combined military and foreign policy experience on what we are seeing and where this is likely to go right after the break. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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megyn: we have been watching the crowd grow in cairo the last 90 minutes. leland vittert has arrived on scene. >> reporter: the crowd has grown outside the american
11:15 am
embassy where the egyptian police are trying to keep this crowd from entering the embassy compound which it seems they want to do. there has been a lot of violence the past couple days where you have the crowd setting bonfires. you are also seeing the armored personnel carriers forming a picket line to try to keep these protesters back. a lot of volleys of teargas and what sounds like rubber bullet rounds. hundreds of people injured. as this crowd grows overnight we are heading into friday. friday prayers when the muslim brotherhood has called for a massive protest in tahrir square against this so-called film, against the prophet mohammad. it has a large anti-american bent to it. there is a very, very visceral
11:16 am
hatred of the united states. they are showing it. there is graffiti spray painted on the walls of the embassy. the tone has changed. i'm just standing about of. the scene has changed. it looks like there is real violence on the ground. interestingly. the president here, president morsi, the brotherhood candidate who won the first real election in egypt it has had since the revolution has condemned the violence but has not condemned the protests. megyn: as we watch these attacks spread across the middle east, what does the future hold for our interests in the hours, days and weeks ahead. two men with decades of political and military experience. colonel ralph peters is a fox news strategic analyst. lieutenant colonel oliver north is a combat veteran, decorated
11:17 am
marine and members of the fashion security staff in the reagan administration. thank you both so much for being here. let's just start with that. there have been experts on fox news expressing grave concern about whether this is something that will be a three-day event or something much larger than that. colonel north let me start with you on that. >> we are finally getting to the trite question and that is how the hell could this have happened? it's obviously not a spontaneous but a carefully planned series of events. the catalyst was not this film. the real cause is al-zawahiri's video encouraging reprisals on americans. there have been protests and large gathering in algeria, tunisia, lebanon and baghdad. we are looking at the possibility of an even tighter
11:18 am
security plant down in kabul. so what security preparations were taken? did ambassador patterson order the marines to unload their weapons as has been reported. refused entry by any of the ambassadors or the state department? and of course the main issue is the lack of human intelligence. the o team is not allowed to say the real enemy radical islamists. these are legitimate issues because this is jimmy carter on steroids. megyn: ralph, i know you don't believe this is about any film. you believe this is about much more than that. are these radicals testing the willingness of these middle east governments to protect americans in the region? and what is the result of those tests if in fact that's what they are doing? >> certainly they are doing that. i think that the films on the
11:19 am
innocence of muslims was a useful tool for the islamists to get ill literals out on the streets. but what we are seeing is a comprehensive if not catastrophic failure of obama's policy of appeasement. it didn't work with the nazis, it doesn't work with bullies, giving them your lunch money and it doesn't work with is almost lambists. -- it doesn't work with islamists. intelligence analysts aren't even allowed to use the phrase islamist extreme it. i think you are. let me borrow a phrase from reverend wright. the chickens are coming home to roost. but unfortunately they are coming home to roost for america, too. this cowardly dithering
11:20 am
non-policy of the last 3 1/2 years where apologies were supposed to fix everything in the greater middle east has simply and comprehensively failed our country. megyn: colonel north, it's clear that despite what the president hoped would be reset in our relationship with some in the muslim world. there are still thousands and perhaps many more who hate us, who hate america, and there is a question about whether any american president could reverse that or whether that is just fundamental to what we are and what we stand for. >> it doesn't get reversed overnight about it's a legitimate political issue. given we have a presidential election. and it's naive to expect that you are not going to have this kind of thing. if you know who your adversary is, you can deal with it. i suggest mr. romney needs to look carefully at this and start out his next speech on foreign policy saying he's not going to
11:21 am
bow to anybody but god. he's going to demand an apology from president morsi or they don't get the aid they want. he's going to rebuild our human intelligence capabilities and stop leaking. all those like backing israel overtly and telling the whole world that we are going to stwand our allies is part of leading from the front. because certainly leading from behindnd and perception of weakness does not work. and apologizing as raffle says is just encouraging the bullies. megyn: we have 30 seconds to a hard break. ralph, many people hoped we could see a reset with our relationship. they don't like to see people bombed and trampling on the american flag and killing american citizens. it didn't happen. is it clear from what we are seeing it didn't happen? >> yes, it is. it's not really bus it's about the disastrous failures of the
11:22 am
cultures of the arab middle east and beyond. you cannot negotiate or appease an enemy who believes he's on a mission from his god to kill you. megyn: let me stand you by on that thought. we'll pick it up right after this break.
11:23 am
11:24 am
11:25 am
meg require want to ask you about president obama's response yesterday after we learned four americans had been killed in libya and we have seen the embassy stormed in cairo. he didn't speak to what happened in egypt. he did speak to what happened in libya. >> the united states condemns in the strongest terms this outrageous and shock attack. we are working with the government of libya to secure
11:26 am
our diplomats and i direct our admin surprised increase our security at posts around the world. make no mistake we'll work with the libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people. since our founding, the united states has been a nation that respects all faiths. megyn: ralph, your thoughts on how the president handled that. >> in fact we have a double standard. this president who rejects the den graiftion all religions has never protested when egyptian television and films over the years have dramatized the antijewish protocols. when egyptian television has showed a buys and jews killing egyptian children and making holiday pies with their blood. that's fine to attack jews or christians. but we allow muslim fanatics to
11:27 am
tell us we can't criticize islam. we need to tell the radical fanatics that they will never tell americans what we can and cannot say. that doesn't mean i or we should ever approve of hate speech. but the constitution is a constitution and terrorists can't be allowed to underkit. but obama has acquiesced. to be fair, even bush caved on that. megyn: your thoughts, colonel north. some are criticizing president obama for not being more outraged and more forceful. if you see outrage from the american president maybe you get concern. >> there should have been outrage. we can remember george w. bush standing on that fire truck after 9/11 reminding people who perpetrated that attack that there would be consequences and the cheers of the firemen and first responders who were still at that smoking wreck. the comments by this president are have much like those made by
11:28 am
jimmy carter when our last ambassador was murder. jimmy carter professed to be quote shocked and surprised that our ambassador in kabul could be butchered in 1979. this president missed the point. we'll stand by when christianity is pillaried. you don't see christians burning mosques. you don't see christians rising up to lynch people on the streets. so the moral parody between those events that happened on 9-11-12 and 9-11-01. there is no moral parity. this adversary is not going away. not with standing what we were told at the democratic convention that the al qaeda has
11:29 am
been deal dealt with and this ws almost over. the enemy has a vote and they voted yesterday. we have yet to hear from president morsi a statement that they are going to defend the embassies which is their responsibility. megyn: coming up. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius found guilty of breaking the law. what could happen to her, if anything. "kelly's court" takes on the case. questions about how media coverage -- how the media covered yesterday's events in cairo and libya and how that all turned into accusations that governor romney was out of line for questioning the obama administration. we'll ask thee high-profile journalists what they think of the media's handling of the day. >> these report,sers represent
11:30 am
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call today. remember, medicare supplement insurance helps cover some of what medicare doesn't pay -- expenses that could really add up. these kinds of plans could save you up to thousands in out-of-pocket costs... you'll be able choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients. and you never need referrals. so don't wait. with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions, and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. megyn: the federal reserve announces a dramatic plan to help stimulate the still weak economy. the plan to spend $40 million a
11:34 am
month to buy up bonds for as long as they feel it is necessary. it's meant to reduce long-term interest rates. stocks are up 200 points on the news. but a number of economists are suggesting this will have little long-term effect on the economy. while events in the middle east dominated heat lines yesterday. but by the end of the day storyt governor romney questioning the government's response to the bombing of our embassies. he was accused of using the crisis as a campaign tool in what one wire service called a public relations debacle. this one from bloomberg. romney fuels foreign policy
11:35 am
doubts. another, romney has few gop echos in criticism. is that fair? joining me now is steven hayes, a senior writer for the weekly standard * and fox news con tribber to. , and kirsten davis and bill mcgurn. welcome. the narrative that emerged yesterday was focused on the news of the day. but also focused on governor romney's response as we showed there. steve hayes, fair? >> no, i don't think it was fair. i thought the narrative that came out yesterday, maybe it's because i'm following campaign reports on twitter. but watching news channels and
11:36 am
reading the articles as they were posted. most of the news media based in washington and at campaign trail focused on mitt romney and his comments rather than the substantive comments. you even had people who said mitt romney's comments on what was happening on the streets in the sneeft overshadowed the crisis we were looking at. i think the biggest problem the way the media covered the event is the fact they looked first at mitt romney, sought to blame him and ignored the serious and important questions about what happened to cause this on the ground in libya and egypt. megyn: just so our viewers know. the u.s. embassy in cairo came out with a statement condemning the misguided individuals who tried to hurt the religious feelings of muslims. then they got attacked and they double down on that statement. mitt romney criticized the statement saying that's disgraceful the administration's first response was to sympathize
11:37 am
with those wage the attacks. later washington pulled back the embassy statement saying we didn't authorize it. you wound up having the obama administration and romney agreeing the embassy statement was not appropriate. but the whole narrative yesterday was how awful romney was for pointing it out. >> the outrage being expressed that mitt romney put out this statement even overshadows any outrage you would see over the fact that you have islamic flags being hoist over american embassies and an american ambassador is dead. you are not seeing the same level of outrage over just the process. what time they put the statement out. it's absolutely utterly insane the way they have elevated this. and even if we step upped, megyn, let many just step up that for the sake of argument that romney shouldn't have don't. i don't agree with it. but it still would not explain
11:38 am
the obsession with romney's statement over these horrific events unfolding in front of us. megyn: bill, where does that come from? why is the media doing that? focusing on romney's response rather than the major crisis for the united states. >> this is why conservatives complain about bias in the media. they support the framework of obama's position. i went to bed thinking this is an act of war, how is our country going to respond. i woke up reading "the washington post" and "new york times" editorials and i learned governor romney was the problem here. the lesson i thought of the 1990s and 1980s up to 9/11 was that we pretended people weren't at war with us when they were attacking us. and it doesn't matter. you can say we are not at war. but if they are fighting your soldiers and killing your ambassadors and making attacks on your embassies, we are at
11:39 am
war. now governor romney finds himself being criticized for criticizing a statement that the white house itself implicitly criticized when it said it didn't have any clearance. megyn: when detexting potential media bias. what would the media have done if this happened on george bush's watch? >> it would have been a completely radically different. even if you agree that mitt romney did something wrong. ok, let's also look at the obama administration. it was radio silence. they allowed that statement to stay up on an embassy web site which is taken as the official position of the u.s. government. someone was tweeting from the official account and they didn't come out and say a word. so what's that about? why didn't they know these attacks were coming? was obama getting his intelligence briefings? these are the issues that should
11:40 am
be asked and would be asked if this had happened on george bush's watch. megyn: is there a question about whether the administration should have been more forceful in disavowing those embassy statement? what they were apologizes for was a clip from a film by a private u.s. citizen. this was not a u.s. marine who did something like we saw in the koran burnings. this was a private citizen. >> it was rather extraordinary that the u.s. embassy engaged on that issue. i'm shocked it took the obama administration as long as it did to pull that back. governor romney was right to make the substantive critique that he did. the big issue with media bias is this question of what's news? that's where the bias manifests most often. rather than seeing as bill suggested, rather than seeing
11:41 am
hard and penetrating questions about the level of intelligence, the briefings the president got. why we only had four video cameras and four libyan guards at outpost in benghazi. all these serious and substantive questions about how the administration handled this and what looks to be a partial collapse of the obama doctrine. 3 1/2 years of the president's foreign policies and we aren't getting those questions because media is focused on the timing of mitt romney's statement. it's absurd. >> one of the things that a lot of liberals are complaining about is they are saying mitt romney attacked obama saying this was his statement. we although it was the obama admin's statement because it was on an embassy web site. but what has he said that sydney different from that? we could not have had a weaker response to this if we sat around and tried to think of
11:42 am
what was the weakest thing we could do. that initial statement was weak, now we have a continued -- the administration coming out and condemning this movie as if the movie caused this attack. the fanatics attacked the embassy. they are going to attack us whether there is a movie or there is not a movie. the sentiment in that original statement continues to be the sentiment of the obama administration. megyn: now we know what you said is true. even libya is saying this is a coordinate attack on these americans. they were killed not by accident or by an out of control mob, it was a coordinated attack on the anniversary of 9/11. we are going to postpone the court for today. there is a couple things we need to discuss including the president's decision to then campaign -- we talked about this with our panel a little bit earlier in the show. should he have gone to vegas last night and stood before the crowds, and also there is
11:43 am
another example of alleged media bias with reporters coordinating their questions to governor romney at this press conference. we'll talk about whether that's inappropriate or not. thank you all. in america today we're running out of a vital resource we need
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like new parmesan crusted srimp or new teriyaki grilled shrimp, all with salad and unlimited cheddar bay biscuits, for just $14.99. [ ryan ] they can try everythin they love it. i'm ryan isabell. i'm a server for red lobster, and i sea food differently megyn: live pictures out of cairo. take a look at situation on the ground there. we saw an explosion moment ago and plumes of smoke coming up in the background where you can see that small flame. we have the tape. let's show them the tape as it unfolded 60 seconds ago. we do not know what that was. we had reports earlier that molotov cocktails were being thrown. smoke bombs. battles were being thrown at police officers trying to control the crowd. we are trying to get leland
11:47 am
vittert to tell us what we believe is happening. but you can see the violence and the protest and unrest are nowhere near done in cairo. and there is a real question about the security of americans who are abroad right now in the wake of this growing anti-american sentiment we have seen spreading from libya to cairo, iraq and elsewhere. yemen as well. i want to bring back our panel and go to you on this. kirsten made the point moments ago that the media focused so much yesterday on mitt romney and not and what we are seeing right now, the american flag burning. people chanting death to america in countries that are suppose to be friendly to us, and look at situation now. >> it was ridiculous. i watched television last night and i saw these people from abc and so forth saying mitt romney's statement had backfired. i don't know what they mean
11:48 am
except maybe around the abc water cooler they didn't like it. there is an effort right now to insulate president obama from attacks. saying foreign affairs are off the table. governor romney needs to address the substance of this issue, too. we are at war. this is an act of war. i haven't heard the president even use this term because that would be setback for him. what made governor romney's statement so potent and what upset so many people is the apology that we saw from the embassy in the first part is consistent with the aapology of president obama's tour at the beginning of his presidency and his whole approach that we'll be likeable and they will stop trying to kill us. we want to hear what president obama is doing. i'm not interested in their statements on how they characterize the attacks. i'm interested in what did he tell the president of egypt. what is he saying is our policy? what is he saying about their obligations to protect our
11:49 am
embassy? these are substantive questions that should be raised in a presidential debate. i'll just say the part you showed about vegas. this accusation that governor romney is politicizing this campaign by criticizing something the with it house criticized its rich coming from a white house with a military timetable that leaks all this stuff about our attacks because it serves their political purposes. and that goes on a day that someone kills our ambassador to a fundraiser in las vegas. i think this is very, very rich, this kind of attack. megyn: we have leeland vittert. i want to check in with him in cairo as the events unfold there and they do not look good. >> reporter: they certainly don't. they are surrounding the
11:50 am
embassy. megyn: stand by. lee lnld is coming to us -- he has his laptop computer. that's how we are broadcasting with him. we need to reestablish his shot and we'll get back to leland momentarily. we are told these are security forces on the ground clark with protesters. want to bring you this breaking news as we have this discussion. yes, security forces clashing with the protesters on the ground. at this moment the president made news earlier today by saying that egypt -- he no long are considers an ally. he doesn't consider egypt an ally but he doesn't consider them an enemy. that made news since it used to be an ally. the white house is trying to clarify that remark saying ally is a legal term of art. his spokesperson are saying folks are reading too much into
11:51 am
the comment. ally is a legal term of art. we don't have a mutual defense treaty like we do with our nate oh allies. but the president says egypt is a longstanding partner of the united states and we built on that foundation. we are trying to get leland reestablished so we can find out more about the situation on the ground in cairo. let me ask you, steve hayes. we were warned by some analysts on fox news today would not likely to be the end of the matter. this could turn our international relations with some key partners, but it could turn the presidential election. >> i think it could. more importantly from the standpoint of the united states we need president obama to say something strong and resolute and demand the egyptian government protect the embassy and do the things they hadn't done before. one of the interesting things about the events in cairo on 9/11.
11:52 am
the egyptian security forces that normally provide the protection simply melted away. they didn't do their jobs and there are real questions being asked from the intelligence community and in the intelligence community more broadly about why that happened. why did those security forces that the egyptians provide simply melt away and disappear when the embassy grounds were breached it's earn important question. i think the president needs to address that. i was discouraged to hear jay carney in a press gaggle not too long ago apparently praise president morsi for finally after 24 hours condemning the violence. i think we are not in a position to be praising president morsi for anything. we should be making more and stronger public demands that he cut short these protests thae p. that he get control of the security for and do everything he can to protect integrity of the i.s. interests in his country. megyn: these pictures are coming to us from outside of the
11:53 am
american embassy. this is once again our embassy that appears to be under attack by these protesters. there are security forces on site we are being told. but the president was criticized for not even mentioning egypt and cairo in his comments yesterday, and some suggested that that sent the wrong message about where we stood on what they were doing to our embassy two days ago, now we find ourselves in this position. >> he should have said something. the word apology was ever used which it wasn't is beside the point. the statement that have come out whether the initial statement from the embassy or subsequent statement, they are just groveling. they are basically saying, general dempsey called the pastor who made this youtube to ask him to withdraw his support. this is the reaction. the reaction is to foings this pastor who made this youtube. i hope obviously none of our
11:54 am
embassy personnel are even if that embassy. they should have been pulled out of the country immediately. i don't think that we should expect president morsi to protect our embassy. that's naive. we cannot expect -- there has not been an apology. president morsi has asked the u.s. to prosecute this pastor who made this movie. the world is upside down, megyn. megyn: leland? >> reporter: i'm going to paint the picture for you. outside the u.s. embassy the security forces from the egyptian military and police have been able to push the protesters back onto one of the side streets outout of tahrir square. the smell of teargas is wafting up into the balconies as the protesters are regrouping to make another attempt back down towards the embassy. the big difference we are seeing tonight thursday versus tuesday night when the protesters were able toy get inside the embassy
11:55 am
is the egyptian military has the come out in force and done what they promised to do to every diplomatic mission around the world, and that it is protect it. that's what's going on right now. primarily that's rubber bullets and huge volleys of teargas coming out from the egyptian military towards all of these protesters. megyn: has our embassy been evacuated? >> we have no information the embassy has been evacuate. tuesday a number of the personnel were sent home. there has been no information that we have heard that it has been formally evacuated. although it is typical in cases like this that they send what they call non-essential personnel home. and they keep the security detachments, the u.s. marines who in the end are responsible for the security of the embassy. megyn: the arab spring which was so celebrated in many corners of the world. at the time they wanted their
11:56 am
leader hosni mubarak gone. he's gone. now we have a president of egypt who is a member of the muslim brotherhood, mr. morsi. now we have a different crowd. we were told chanting death to america and burning the american flag. we saw that for ourselves a couple days ago. put it in perspective from what you saw then and what you see now. >> reporter: the pictures oddly enough look similar in that you have these running street battles, you have protesters going up against their own military what's different is this time what they want is originally it was some kind of democratic awakening and there was a secular liberal takeover of egypt and hosni mubarak needed to go because he was an oppressive dictator. now it's the united states who provides egypt with billions of doors of aid that is the target of these mass protests. it used to be the army was supposedly the friend of the protesters. not the case anymore as we hear
11:57 am
these loud bangs out our balcony. megyn: the state department comes out and says egypt is an ally of the united states. contrast that. and two pills. afternoon's overhaul starts with more pain. more pil. triple checking hydraulics. the evening brin more pain. so, back to more pills. almost done, when... hang on. stan's doctor recommended aleve. it can keep pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is rudy. who switched to aleve. and two pills for a day free of pain. ♪ and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels.
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